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The Village Coffeehouse's Secret Menu

Every coffee shop has a menu. But let's face it, some menus have secrets, and The Village Coffeehouse is no exception. The secret menu ranges from espresso based drinks to our sandwiches and more. Check out our top secret menu items below.

1. The Breakfast Burrito Bowl

Most of you know about our delicious breakfast burritos made in house daily. But did you know you can get it in a bowl? This secret menu item is perfect for our keto friends or if you want a lighter breakfast option! Of course, sour cream and salsa can be mixed in to give the bowl that extra kick it sometimes needs. Just simply order a breakfast burrito in a bowl.

2. Lavender and Honey Latte

This espresso based drink is a fan favorite! A traditional latte infused with our lavender syrup. We melt honey with espresso to make a delicious base and whip it all together into a latte either iced or hot! Ask for a latte with honey and lavender.

3. BLT

Looking to switch your order up? We can make a traditional BLT. Ask for our club sandwich with no cheese, turkey, or ham. Throw some salt and pepper on there while you're at it. We highly recommend this one.

4. Berry Hibiscus Lemonade

While this one is on the menu, many people don't know you can mix our house made lemonade and berry hibiscus tea into one yummy drink! Perfect for those warm Louisiana days. Just ask for a tea lemonade with hibiscus tea.

5. Bacon + Cheese Avocado Toast

Our signature avocado toast plus a little extra. This one is for those of us who need a bit more protein with our avocado toast! Simply order it with bacon.

6. Iced Sweet Cream Latte

This latte is unlike our traditional latte. Instead of plain milk base, we use our house made sweet cream (from our sweet cream cold brew) and shake it together with espresso. Served as 16 or 20oz. Just ask for an iced latte with sweet cream instead of milk!

7. London Fog

The London Fog is a hot tea-based drink made with our Earl Grey Tea, vanilla syrup, and steamed milk (the fog). It's a sweet drink that is a great alternative for those who aren't as jazzed about espresso! To order this at our shop, just ask for a London Fog, we'll do the rest. Hint: try it with oat milk!


These are just a few of our popular, off-menu requests. Be sure to come to The Village Coffeehouse in downtown Sulphur. Located on the corner or Hwy. 90 and Huntington Street. Our indoor dining and drive through are both open 6am-8pm Monday-Saturday.

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